What Is and Is Not Business Owner Exit Planning

This newsletter is written for business owners who are starting to think about a future transition from their company.  Commonly known as an ‘exit plan’, this form of planning is new to the marketplace so there is often a bit of confusion both as to what ‘exit planning’ is as well as which of your … Continued

The Top Five Reasons That Owners Do Not Plan Their Business Exits

This newsletter is written for business owners who may be thinking about planning the exit from their privately-held business but have not yet gotten started with the process.  Business owners today are just starting to recognize that there is a unique service to help them with the exit planning process.  We offer this information in … Continued

How To Communicate Your ‘Exit Plan’ to Your Mangement Team

It is sometimes difficult to know how much information to share with your management team.  From “playing it close to the vest” to “open book” management, different companies have different cultures to address these issues. On top of deciding how much to share, you also need to decide when to share information. The feeling is … Continued