Is Your Friend’s Advice Worth Listening to for Your Business Exit?

When a business owner begins to think about a life-changing event, such as an exit from their business, it is common for that owner to seek the advice and counsel of others who they trust.  Often times these owners approach trusted friends to mention that they are thinking about selling the business, seeking their feedback.  … Continued

Exit Planning is a Complex Decision and a Complex Transaction

When considering an exit from your privately-held business, there are a number of obstacles that can get in the way of success.  It is easiest to view your business exit in two (2) distinct parts – first, an exit is a very complex decision.  Then, once a decision has been made, the actual exit is … Continued

Six Key Metrics to Help You Plan Your Exit

There is an old saying that ‘you cannot manage what you cannot measure’.  Therefore, most businesses run on metrics.  As business owners, we want to know how much, how soon, how efficient, how productive, how intelligent, and how to measure all of the aspects of our businesses.  This newsletter is focused on some exit metrics … Continued

Growing a Business from Revenue to Exit

Most businesses start with an idea that is brought to market.  Customers purchase the product or service and the business begins to grow.  Eventually, if the company grows enough it acquires ‘value’.  And it is that ‘value’ that a buyer will purchase in an exit transaction.  This newsletter is written to help business owners think … Continued